Adventuring in Australia with Tackless II
Tackless II is a CSY 44' sailboat in its tenth year cruising the world.
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
January 26, 2009 – Australia Day
Australia Day is the holiday celebrating the arrival of the "First Fleet" at Sydney Cove. The "First Fleet" was not one of naval explorers but convicts sentenced to labor in penal colonies. Although conceived as a way to give convicts a second chance, it was a harsh life. And, as the morning paper pointed out, from the Aboriginals' point of view, the arrival of the First Fleet is not something to celebrate. Rather it foretold an end to their world.

However, today's Aussies don't think much about their beginnings any more, except perhaps on Australia Day. It is celebrated kind of like our Labor Day, yet another day for BarBies and going to the beach, but one marking the end of the school holidays. For this we will give thanks, as the crowds on the beach will thin out, but, more importantly, finding a parking place during the day will be possible again!

Our Australia Day was celebrated with a daysail aboard a 50' Fontaine Pajot catamaran. Our friend Tricky of Lionheart (reincarnated as Richard in his business guise) has become a partner is a new dealership for "pre-loved" catamarans. The FP 50', however, was a brand new, million-dollar boat! Apparently, taking the boats out is one of the perks!

The day started with rain and we thought our outing would be cancelled, but it fact as we maneuvered off the dock and out the channel, the sky cleared and we had nice easy conditions. We got the sails up, and sailed northward along the coast for an hour or so. If was grand! There is nothing to beat being out on the water with the wind in your hair. We all did our best to try out every lounging spot available on the boat. If the pup Dudley hadn't gotten seasick, we four might just have found ourselves back at Wide Bay Bar.

Just as well, we had to get back for the Barbie at the Yacht Club.

Apologies to the visual set: I forgot to take a camera!

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