Adventuring in Australia with Tackless II
Tackless II is a CSY 44' sailboat in its tenth year cruising the world.
Friday, February 13, 2009
090212 - The Tragic Fires in Victoria
WE have received a few emails wanting to be sure that we are nowhere near the horrible bush fires that have claimed so many lives in the Australian State of Victoria. We are not. We are in Queensland, nearly one thousand miles away. Of course the reports in the papers, the TV news and the Internet have been with us for days now, faces of complete families with young children like our own - lost, twenty year-old sisters who stayed to try and save their horses - lost, old people and even injured koalas. Every year America has fires like these in California and other western states, but somehow we do not have the same scale of loss of life. It is their stay and protect policy, the Aussie spirit of protecting hard-won property. Admirable but disastrous this time. Our hearts are with their families.

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