Adventuring in Australia with Tackless II
Tackless II is a CSY 44' sailboat in its tenth year cruising the world.
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
The End

Exactly three years ago today, we stepped off Tackless II in Scarborough Marina, Queensland,  Australia to catch a flight back to the US. A one-way flight.  It was a huge moment, and there were many mixed feelings and plenty of tears. 

There were several reasons why Don and I ended our cruise when and where we did.  The chief one was a grandson, then four years old, that we wanted to grow up knowing us.  Plus we felt the need for more family time with both our families.

We had never said we were circumnavigating.  We had actually thought, when we set out from Mexico,  that we would have the option to ship the boat back to the US after crossing the Pacific.  Had we gotten across in one or two years, that might have been an affordable choice.  But after five years, the cost to ship her had sky-rocketed.

The other option was, of course, to sail her on around.  Frankly, after ten years, we just didn't feel enthusiastic enough to do the mechanical refit this would have demanded, nor were we happy about having to choose between the long way around South Africa or through the troubled waters of the northern Indian Ocean.

Only in the past few months have I faced ending this Blog and the whole adventure with the final updates of our Australian camping trip and this farewell. Apologies to all my loyal readers who have followed us for ten years for taking so long; you must have thought we were lost forever in the Outback!

Moving On

Reality hit pretty hard back on terra firma in the good old USA.  We quickly realized that our RV lot in Crystal River, two hours north of where the kids lived, was too far away for the closeness with them that was our goal. Also, to make a living we would need to be nearer an urban area, and have more space than we could find in an RV park.

By June we had found and purchased a house in Tarpon Springs, FL that has proved to be amazingly perfect for us, making the adjustment back to land-living go far more auspiciously than either of us imagined.

As planned, we started a business -- a "Starbucks" kind of coffee truck on wheels, called Cafe Getaway Mobile Espresso -- which was inspired by all the wonderful coffee experiences we enjoyed in Mooloolaba.  As we hoped, it has grown in to a very successful family endeavor.  You can catch up with us here: and friend us on

In June of 2009, Tackless II was purchased by an Australian couple and renamed Chrysalis.  However, due to some family issue, we hear she is for sale again.  Her current listing -- again with our wonderful Australian broker Anita Farine is

Cruising is still in our soul.  In September 2010, we rented a bareboat in Sidney, Vancouver and cruised in tandem with our great friends from our Sea of Cortez days, Dennis and Lisa aboard Lady Galadriel.

Then, from July through mid-October 2011, we took a few months off in 2011 we were given the great gift of an invitation to go cruising with Tom and Bette Lee aboard Quantum Leap through Indonesia, and that account is here:

Looking for our adventures BEFORE Australia? Find them here: and

I (Gwen) am still writing my column the Admiral's Angle for Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine.  I am also still actively involed with writing and seminars in support of women cruisers.  To catch up on my columns and to discover a wonderful online community of women cruisers, please check out:  and specifically .

Finally.......Don't be deleting the link to from your favorites!  I've been hearing Don say that there could be a boat again sometime/somewhere in our future.  Who knows?  (We're buying lottery tickets on a regular basis!) 

But I am sure that we will not stop having adventures, and when we do there will get added here.

Thanks, everyone.  Fair Winds.

Gwen Hamlin & Don Wilson

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