Adventuring in Australia with Tackless II
Tackless II is a CSY 44' sailboat in its tenth year cruising the world.
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
2C Update 081021
Had a very nice birthday yesterday. Lots of B-day wishes by email and in person. The Rally we are in to Australia has a radio net, and the controller startled me by wishing me a happy B-day. Actually he said, "I hope Don is taking you out to a fancy dinner tonight." and I said, What? And he said, "Well, it's your birthday isn't it?" This Rally is REALLY organized! The result is, EVERYBODY knew it was my birthday...which is kind of fun. We spent the morning with friends checking out of New Caledonia, what one of them called "The Trifecta" of paperwork. The offices for immigration, customs and the port captain were spread all over the place, so we got a good walk in in good compnay. Then, hungry, we all treated ourselves to a lunch at a nice bistro on the park in town. Four of six had steak and frites, but Paula and I had a "swordfish brick", which proved to be a small piece of fish, leeks, cheese wrapped in filo accompanied by a carrot mousse and salad! And it was cheaper than the steak! Really felt finally like we were in "France."

I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't yet done an update on our time in Noumea. didn't get done. But we had a good time, and it will get written up. However, this morning we are weighing anchor and getting underway for Australia. it is not an ideal forecast, but mostly it errs on lighter winds than heavy, but for one day with headwinds and big swell from the southern ocean. That will be obnoxious, but in trade we get nice weather for our departure and our arrival, which seems the more important. So, off we go. I will try to make daily postings of our progress.

Love to all -- Don & Gwen , the Two Captains

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